Nearly 60 Years of Roller Skating

Over seven million guests have been entertained at Skateland during public skating times, birthday parties, school and church events, day camp field trips and non-profit fundraisers. Our success is based largely on long-term relationships within the community and personal referrals. Since opening on January 30, 1958, we have worked hard to provide a venue that maintains its relevance with kids, teens, parents and the community at large. By constantly changing – how we look, what we offer, the skates we rent, the music we play, we keep our guests coming back year after year. All of these attributes have helped us become one of the premier skating centers in the country.

Skateland is a venue for all ages of skaters! It is common to see a youngster’s birthday party skating alongside a group of teens or seniors. You never know who you’ll be skating with either. Some days, it may be your neighbors. Other days, it may be one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Everyone skates at Skateland!

The Fleming family has operated the skating center since 1968. In that time brothers Dave and Mike have developed strong ties to other local businesses, area schools and churches, the City Parks and Recreation departments, and law enforcement. They have also created an almost cult-like following with diehard skaters…with many families skating over two or more generations. To their credit is also the benefit of employing long-term staff. Most of Skateland’s management team have been employed for over 5 years with some reaching 30+ years.